Privacy Policy

How we keep your data protected

All data send between your browser and our site, and to third parties is encrypted in transit with SSL certificates using the latest TLS technology.

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

Personal Data

When you login with Google we receive the following data:

  • Your email address: We use this as the unique identifier for each user
  • Your name: The name on your Google account will be stored to personalize your experience on our app
  • Your avatar: Your Google avatar will be stored to personalize your experience on our app


We store only session cookies, these are cookies that are required to keep track of if you are currently logged into our site and authenticate access to your data.


Some sessions data is provided anonymously for analytics and error tracking reasons. None of your personal data is stored or shared in this way.

Who we share your data with

When logging in with third party services we forward you on to their website where they may track and store data about you.

We do not send any data to third parties.

Please review individual privacy policies for how data is stored adn handled.

How long we retain your data

We store the minimum amount of data possible for our app to operate. For this reason we store your data indefinitely until you delete your account or contact us to request deletion.